Switch to Essentials Starter edition

If you purchased your service from a reseller, go here instead |  Do I have a reseller?

If you're on the Annual Plan/Fixed-Term, you can downgrade editions only after you Switch from Annual to Flexible Plan.

You can downgrade your Enterprise Essentials subscription to Essentials Starter.

What to know before you switch editions

  • You can't downgrade from Enterprise Essentials if you have verified your domain or you have more than 25 users.
  • Everyone in your organization gets the same subscription. For example, you can’t transition some users to Essentials Starter while others keep using Enterprise Essentials edition.
  • If you’re on an Annual/Fixed-Term Plan, the transition includes all of your current users.
  • If you downgrade your edition and lose a feature, such as data loss prevention (DLP) or Google Vault, you can get the feature back if you upgrade within 51 days. Otherwise, you need to wait until after 84 days to upgrade to an edition with the feature.

What features will I lose?

  • Number of users—You can't have more than 25 users per team.
  • Storage capacity—You get 15 GB of storage for each user. If you purchased other storage, it isn't automatically restored. To prevent storage restrictions that can occur after you switch editions, see below, Prevent storage restrictions.
  • Shared drives—After you switch editions, administrators can't manage existing shared drives. In addition, users and owners can't access shared drive content or add or delete content to or from shared drives. Before switching editions, ask shared drive owners to review their content and move it to their My Drive to maintain access.
  • Advanced endpoint management—You can't set up company-managed mobile devices or selectively distribute apps to mobile devices.
  • Advanced video conferencing—Meetings are limited to 1 hour and 100 participants. Meeting participants can't record meetings and save them to Drive, or use polls, Q&A, breakout rooms, or attendance tracking.
  • Some administrative controls—You can't access advanced audit, reporting, sharing, Drive custom alerts, and other administrative controls.
  • Organization-specific settings—If you've applied Drive settings to specific organizational units, everyone in your organization inherits the settings of your top-level organizational unit, but the organizational structure itself isn't changed.
  • Connected Sheets—You can't analyze and share data from spreadsheets with the BigQuery data connector.
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