Short Links for Google Apps

What is Google Short Links?

Have you ever had a really long and complex URL that was hard to remember, but you needed to share it with many people? A Google Labs application called Short Links can help by:

  • Setting up shorter, more memorable redirects for complex URLs
  • Allowing your users to set up short links (not just administrators)
  • Integrating with your domain to give you your own namespace for links

How do I set up Google Short Links?

Google Short Links is available to Google Apps customers as part of Labs for Google Apps. If you are an existing Google Apps customer, vist Short Links in the Google Apps Marketplace, click Add It Now, and follow the instructions. When installing Google Short Links for your domain, you will be prompted to assign a custom URL for the service like ''

If you are not currently using Google Apps, please sign up before visiting the Solutions Marketplace.

How do I administer Google Short Links for my domain?

Once installed, you can go to to manage or remove the application. Remember to replace '' with your actual domain name.

Can I just type 'go/mylink' instead of ''?

Here are two solutions to address this request:

  1. Your organization provides a proxy which handles requests to 'go,' and proxies them to ''
  2. Your organization provides a server with a simple redirect on 'go,' which redirects requests like 'http://go/' to ''

Can I give feedback for Google Short Links?

Yes. Please check out our discussion group. If you have private feedback for Google Short Links, you can send a note to