Fix errors porting numbers to Voice

Let's make sure you're in the right place. This information is for administrators who manage Google Accounts for a company, school, or other group. If you don't have access to an admin account, get help from someone else who does. Who is my administrator?

As an administrator for your organization, you might get an error when porting a number for Google Voice. Use this information to fix the problem.

Common error messages

Error Description

Incomplete port request
This error is usually caused by an address error. Double-check the address for the company that holds the number you want to port. Then, cancel and restart the port order.

This error can also be caused by these less common issues:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Duplicate requests were made
  • Your domain is suspended
  • Internal system error

If you're still having issues, please open the Admin control panel and contact support.


Name invalid
The name in the port request contains invalid characters, such as +, !, or %.
Make sure your administrator name doesn’t contain invalid characters. Then, cancel and restart the port order.

11 Invalid premise number or building name
The address in the port request doesn’t match the address that the number-holding company has on file.
This error is usually caused by including the building name. Enter the street number and name, but don't enter the building name.
Double-check the address of the porting company. Then, cancel and restart the port order.

The port request already exists
There is already a request for the number. Or, the billing telephone number is already involved in another ongoing port.
Wait for the open port request to complete. If needed, cancel the request and restart the port order.


The port request can't be completed
The port request is missing the German location for the numbers being ported. Cancel the port order and add the regional location for Germany. This error only affects German number porting. To learn more read, Add Voice locations.

Port status details

Status Description
All mandatory porting information has been provided pre-port.
Scheduled The losing carrier has validated and approved the port request and has set a scheduled date. At this point, numbers are available for pre-assignment.
Pending Information in the port request has been shared with the losing service provider. If stuck in this state beyond the due date, it means the details do not match the losing service provider’s records. Google support will contact the port requestor with more details on what needs to be resolved. If you do not hear from Google support within 72 hours, please submit a ticket using the standard Workspace support process.
Submit documents For European countries that mandate LOA, the port order is awaiting the submission of a letter of authorization verifying that the user requested this port order. The end user then needs to upload the signed LOA to the port order. For details, go to Submit a letter of authorization.
Error For common porting errors, go to the section above. Cancel the current port and resubmit the request with the corrected information. For details, go to the section below.
Failed The port order concluded but failed.
Cancel pending The port order is pending for a cancelation. No action is required from the user.
Canceled  The port request has been canceled, phone numbers have not been ported and no other activity will occur on this request.
Complete The phone number porting has completed and is available for routing to Google Voice.

Cancel and restart a port order

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu and then Appsand thenGoogle Workspaceand thenGoogle Voice.
  3. Click Number portingand thenyour port request.
  4. At the bottom, click Cancel port.
  5. Go back to the Number porting page and restart the port order.
    For E.U. requests, allow 15 to 30 minutes after canceling before you create a new port order. U.S. ports should restart straight away.

Still having issues?

Contact Google Workspace support.

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