What are software testing phases and GA?

Alpha testing

Alpha is a limited-availability test before releases are cleared for more widespread use. Our focus with alpha testing is to verify functionality and gather feedback from a limited set of customers. Typically, alpha participation is by invitation and subject to pre-general-availability terms. Alpha releases may not contain all features, no SLAs are provided, and there are no technical support obligations. However, alphas are generally suitable for use in test environments.

Beta testing

At beta, products or features are ready for broader customer testing and use. Betas are often publicly announced. There are no SLAs in a beta release unless otherwise specified in product terms or the terms of a particular beta program, however there is limited technical support. The average beta phase lasts about six months.

Public beta programs are announced on the Workspace Updates Blog . The Available Google Workspace Beta Programs page lists the available beta programs. Customers can submit beta test applications through links on this page.

General Availability (GA)

General Availability products and features are open to all customers, ready for production use, and covered by a Google Cloud SLA, where applicable. Google typically supports General Availability products and features through APIs, CLIs, and the Google Cloud console, except in unusual circumstances where providing one or more of the foregoing capabilities is unreasonable in the context of the particular product or feature.

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