Troubleshoot problems receiving emails in Gmail

Steps for troubleshooting missing email in Google Workspace

This article is for Google Workspace administrators. If you have a personal account, go to Gmail messages are missing.

Follow the steps in this article if your Google Workspace account isn't getting any email, or if people in your organization are missing specific, expected messages.

Step 1: Make sure MX records are set up correctly

Mail Exchange (MX) records direct your domain's email to the servers that host your domain's user accounts. Your MX records must point to Google mail servers before you can send and receive email with Google Workspace and Gmail.

Make sure you’ve correctly set up MX records for Google Workspace email.

Step 2: Check for account or domain issues

These issues with your Google Workspace account or domain account can prevent you from getting email:

  • Your Google Workspace account is suspended–If your account is suspended, messages sent to your account aren't delivered, and bounce back to the sender.
  • Your domain host disabled your account–Common reasons for a disabled account is your domain registration expired, or there’s an issue with your domain host payment.
  • Your domain registration isn’t complete–When you buy or renew a domain, your domain host verifies your email address. They usually send an email asking you to confirm your address. If your domain host can’t verify your address, they could disable your domain.
  • There's a Google Workspace outage–Check the Status Dashboard to make sure Gmail isn't affected by a service outage.

Step 3: Find messages with Email Log Search

Use Email Log Search (ELS) to find specific messages sent to people in your organization in the past 30 days. ELS helps you find missing messages that you were expecting, for example, messages sent to spam or routed incorrectly. Learn more about ELS.

Step 4: Troubleshoot missing messages

If your Email Log Search (ELS) results are empty, or you can't find missing messages with ELS, follow the troubleshooting steps in these articles.

Before you troubleshoot missing messages in Gmail, try tracking message delivery with ELS.

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