Enable import options

If you try to import data using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® but your importing options are unavailable (they're grayed out so you can't check the boxes), you need to install a separate migration tool before you can import data. This can happen if you were upgraded from a version of Google Apps Sync prior to version 2.1, or if your administrator downloaded Google Apps Sync for you without also making the migration tool available.

To install the appropriate tool and import your data:

  1. Download and install Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook®: Go to this download page and click the big blue Download button.

  2. Come back to Google Apps Sync and do one of the following to import your data (depending on whether you already have a Google Apps profile in Outlook):

    • I have a Google Apps profile: Import data into your existing profile as described at Import data later.

    • I don't yet have a profile: Create a profile, which will also give you a chance to import.
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