Add a BIMI TXT record to your domain (detailed steps)

Add your brand logo to outgoing email messages

This page has detailed steps for creating a BIMI DNS TXT record and adding it at your domain provider so that you can Add your logo to email messages with BIMI.

A BIMI TXT record is a line of text that includes the URL of your PEM file or SVG file.

Some email providers support BIMI with a TXT record that refers to an Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file only. However, to display BIMI logos in Gmail, you must use a TXT record that refers to a Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) file. The PEM file includes your logo.

Step 1: Create a BIMI DNS TXT record

Create a BIMI assertion TXT record to add to your domain settings.

Important: In BIMI record syntax, the number 1, the uppercase letter i (I), and the lowercase letter L (l). appear similar. Be aware of this when creating your BIMI TXT record.

  1. Open a new file in a text or doc editor.
  2. If your logo is in a PEM file, enter this line of text and replace this example URL with the URL of your PEM file:


  3. If your logo is an SVG file, enter this line of text and replace this example URL with the URL of your SVG file:


Step 2. Add your BIMI record at your domain provider

To turn on BIMI for your domain, add the TXT record you created in your domain provider settings. After you add the BIMI record at your domain, you’re done setting up BIMI for your domain. 

If you need help adding a DNS record, check the support information for your domain provider. The steps can be different for each provider.

Keep in mind:

  • The field names in the steps below might be different for your domain provider. 
  • It can take up to 48 hours for BIMI to start working, and for logos to show in recipients' mailboxes.

Add a DNS TXT record for BIMI:

  1. Sign in to the management console for your domain host.
  2. Locate the page where you update DNS records for your domain.
  3. Enter these values in the form for your domain provider’s DNS records:
Field Value  Description
Type TXT This is the DNS record type.
Host Use default._bimi. followed by your own domain name. Some domain providers populate your domain name automatically. If not, manually enter your domain.

(Example value)

Enter the BIMI assertion TXT record that you created in Step 1.
TTL 1 hour (3600 seconds) Set the TTL to the equivalent of 1 hour.



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