Move folders from My Drive to shared drives (beta)

Supported editions for this feature: Business Standard and Plus; Enterprise; Education Standard and Plus; G Suite Business; Essentials.  Compare your edition

With this beta, we’re improving the experience for admins and delegated admins moving folders from My Drive to shared drives.

This beta adds several improvements to moving folders including:

  • Retaining folder IDs—Previously when you moved a folder from My Drive to a shared drive, it copied the content and created a new URL for the folder. With this beta, you can now retain the original URL for the folder after moving it to a shared drive.
  • Warning before exceeding limits—Shared drives have limits on how many items can be moved and how many items can be in a shared drive. If moving a large number of folders into a shared drive is going to exceed a limit, you will see a notice about this before attempting the move. Learn more about Shared drive limits.
  • Creating shortcuts for any items that can’t be moved—Specifically, if there are any items that can’t be moved due to permission or access issues, when you move folders from My Drive to a shared drive will create a shortcut in the shared drive to preserve the existing folder hierarchy.

How it works

You can continue to use shared drives as you have been using them. For guidance on working with shared drives, see Move content to a shared drive. Only the features listed above are different from what’s currently documented in that article.

With this beta, admins will see additional information before moving folders, such as warnings about potential issues with shared drive limits, pre-flight errors related to limits and unmovable files, and how many files you can and can't move. With this information, you can make better informed decisions before moving folders into shared drives.

And with the introduction of shortcuts with this beta, everything gets moved, including content to which not everyone had access to previously, while permissions and access are still respected for confidential files.

Sign up for the beta

If you are a Google Workspace admin for any of the editions listed at the top of this article, you can request to join this beta by filling out this form.


When will this feature be available for users?

We are testing this feature first with admins. Based on the feedback we receive from the beta, we will decide when and how to release this feature more widely.

Send us feedback

We value your input, and appreciate your help to make this feature a success. Please send your feedback specific to this beta to

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