Can I recover a deleted Calendar event?


I accidentally deleted an event from my Calendar and I need to re-create it, but I don't remember the exact date and time.


Short answer:

Once an event is deleted, its full details can't be recovered. However, you may be able to retrieve some information about the deleted event by accessing your calendar through an XML feed.

If you accidentally delete a calendar event, you have the following options:

  • Quickly click the Undo link that appears above the calendar grid right after you delete the event. This Undo feature only appears for a few moments or until you begin a new Calendar action.
  • If the window of time has passed where you can undo deleting your event, recreate it in Calendar.
  • If you have forgotten the event details, search your Inbox and Sent Mail to see if you sent an invitation about the event.
  • If you've tried these, and you still can't recover your event, and you need to recover the event or some details from it, there is a complex workaround where you may be able to recover some of the event details.

Note: This is a complex workaround intended only for Google Apps administrators and expert Google Apps users. If you accidentally deleted an event, we recommend you just recreate it in Google Calendar, instead of going through this process.

Do the following to find your calendar's public XML feed:

  1. Ask your Google Apps administrator to enable your domain's calendar sharing setting to Share all information, but outsiders cannot change calendars. With this setting, many users can visualize events in their calendar, including previously deleted events through an XML feed.
    • Note: When you enable this setting, all calendars in your domain will be shareable via XML, so we recommend you use this with caution, and only have this enabled for the short period of time it takes you to recover your calendar data.
  2. In the calendar list on the left, click on the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar, then select Calendar settings.
  3. Click on XML under Private address.
    • Note: If you only see Calendar Address at the bottom of your Calendar Details page, your administrator has not enabled a Private Address for your domain. You need to ask your administrator to Set calendar sharing options to Share all information, but outsiders cannot change calendars.
  4. Click on the URL in the pop-up box. Add the following string to the end of the URL in your browser: ?showdeleted=true&showhidden=true
  5. You should see a XML feed page with events in your Calendar, including recently deleted events.
  6. You can take this information and create a new event in Calendar.

You should be able to see a limited amount of information about the event, such as the event title and a brief description of it. Invited guests are not visible, and if you click Read More, you'll be directed to your calendar and receive a message that this event is cancelled and deleted from your calendar. This is all the information that still exists about your deleted event. Google Apps support cannot help you recover a deleted event.


  • The URL to your Private Address will look similar to this:

    If your URL looks like this:, this is the Calendar Address, not the Private Address you need.

  • To make the Private address section visible in your Calendar, your Google Apps administrator needs to set your domain's calendar settings in the Google Admin console to Share all information, but outsiders cannot change calendars. See Set Calendar sharing options.
    • Note: Do not select Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars unless you want people outside your domain to be able to modify your calendar.
    After recovering a user's deleted calendar events in the XML feed, the administrator should return their domain's Global Calendar settings back to what they were originally.

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