Buy more Drive storage for your account

This article is for users with managed Google Accounts. For help with your managed account, contact your admin.

If you run out of storage space, you might be able to buy more storage for your own account. The extra storage is available for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Important: If you use G Suite at work or school, your organization might purchase more storage on your behalf. Your organization can also turn off the individual storage service. Individual storage isn't available (or needed) with most G Suite Enterprise, Business, Education, or Drive Enterprise accounts.

Before you buy

  1. See how much storage you have and if you have the option to buy more. For details, sign in to your managed Google Account and go to your Drive storage.
  2. Keep in mind:
    • The extra storage is only for you. You can't share or transfer it to another account.
    • Data in the extra storage is subject to the same ownership policy as the rest of your account. Google does not own your data. When your organization gave you a G Suite account, they let you know whether the data in your account belongs to the organization or to you. Whatever policy applies to your managed account applies equally to the data in extra storage.
    • Your organization can prevent you from purchasing and renewing extra storage or using Drive, Gmail, or Photos. These actions could keep you from taking full advantage of the extra storage. Google storage purchases are non-refundable even under these circumstances. You can only buy more storage if your administrator turns on the individual storage service for your organization.
    • A super administrator for your organization needs to turn on these services in the Google Admin console for you to purchase more storage:
      • Google Payments and Google Wallet (if they’re both listed in the Admin console)
      • Google Play
      • Individual storage

Buy storage

  1. Sign in to your managed Google Account.
  2. Go to your Drive storage and review the options for buying more storage.

It can take up to 24 hours for purchased storage to be added to your account.

Reverse your extra storage

After your storage expires or you cancel the subscription, your storage limits go back to the standard levels. You can still access all of your existing data, such as photos, mail, and uploaded files. However, you will not be able to add anything new for any product over the storage limit.

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