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Run a sync

This page is for Directory Sync. If you’re using Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS), go to GCDS. Directory Sync is currently in public beta.

Once you verify the results of a simulated sync with Directory Sync, you can run a full sync. Depending on the size of your data the sync process can take from several minutes to hours to complete. Another full sync begins one hour after the previous sync finishes. This interval can't be altered.

Before you begin

Check the simulation logs for your simulated sync.

  1. On the directory details page, click View simulation log.
  2. If you see unexpected results in the logs, adjust your user or group settings and simulate the sync again.

Activate a sync

  1. On the directory details page, next to Sync status, click Turn on .

    The status changes to Active.

  2. (Optional) Click the View sync log link for details about the sync.

Deactivate a sync

  1. On the directory details page, next to Sync status, click Turn off

    The status changes to Inactive.

  2. If you want to reactivate the sync, click Turn on.


Review the Directory Sync log events to check for any failures during a sync. The logs also contain failure information about individual objects. For details, go to Directory Sync log events

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