Turn off DMARC

We don’t recommend turning off DMARC for your organization or domain. Without DMARC, hackers and other malicious users can impersonate messages, making them appear to come from your organization or domain. Turning off DMARC puts your users and your contacts at risk for spam, spoofing, and phishing.

Here are the recommended ways to turn off DMARC for your domain.

Note: If you can't turn off DMARC by following these steps, contact your domain provider. Google doesn't provide support for issues with your domain host.

Update your DMARC policy at your domain provider

Step 1. Change your policy record

Change your DMARC policy to p=none. A none policy means receiving servers won't take action on messages from your domain that don't pass either SPF or DKIM. 

When your DMARC policy is none, you'll still receive daily DMARC reports. To turn off DMARC reports, remove the rua tag from your DMARC TXT record.

For more information on DMARC policy format and tags, go to Define your DMARC policy

Step 2. Update the record at your domain provider

Then update the DMARC TXT record at your domain provider with the changes by following the steps in Add your DMARC record.

Remove the DMARC TXT record at your domain provider

Another way to turn off DMARC is to delete the DMARC DNS TXT record for your domain, at your domain provider. Refer to the steps in Add your DMARC record.



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