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How do I delete an organization?

Message Security for Google Apps -- the integrated version of Postini -- is no longer available for sale or activation. Existing customers are still being supported, but they will be transitioned during the next few months to the new email management features in the Google Admin console. For more details about the new features and the transition, see the FAQs, the Transition Guide, and Add email settings to an organization.

Symptom: When I try to delete an organization, I get an error message and the organization is not deleted.

Common Causes: You cannot delete an organization that contains any sub-organizations, users, domains, or domain aliases.

Solution: To delete an organization and everything inside it, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm you have full administrative authorization privileges for this organization and any related organizations.
  2. Clear any quarantine summary redirect addresses.
  3. Clear any references to users and domains residing outside of the organization. Clear any of the organization’s users or domains referenced by other outside organizations. For example, clear your support contact, Attachment Manager, and Content Manager redirect addresses.
  4. Delete users and user aliases in the organization (in the Google Admin console) or move users and user aliases to another organization (in the Administration Console).
  5. Delete domains and domain aliases in the organization (in the Google Admin console) or move domains and domain aliases to another organization (in the Administration Console).
  6. Delete all sub-organizations.
  7. Locate the organization in the Organizations page, and select Delete Org.

More Information: For more information, see Delete an Organization in the Administration Guide.

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