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Overview of pricing

Google Surveys are priced on a price per completed response basis, with the cost for each response based on the audience you want to reach. Below we've outlined the price per completed response for different types of surveys that do not include screening questions. Please note that the respondent must complete all questions in a survey for the response to be considered complete.

Survey type 1 question survey 2-10 question survey
General population or Android smartphone users, no screening questions ¢10 per completed response $1.00 per completed response
Age, gender, location targeting, no screening questions ¢15 per completed response $1.50 per completed response
Android audience panels, no screening questions ¢30 per completed response $3.00 per completed response


If your survey includes screening questions, the price per completed response will be custom. We determine this price based on a short audience test. Prices for surveys with screening questions start at a minimum of $3.00 per completed response and vary based on length of survey (10 question maximum), target audience, and incidence rate (minimum of 5%).


How do I pay for my survey?
​We accept a variety of payment types for our surveys:
  1. You can prepay for your responses online through Google Payments using a credit or debit card. To signup for Google Payments, please visit:
  2. If you're interested in advanced features, you can also pay on a monthly invoicing basis as a Google Surveys 360 customer. Surveys 360 customers receive dedicated account support and access to custom features. For more information, please contact us.
How many responses should I purchase for my survey?

The number of responses you should purchase depends on how confident you want to be in your results. A top-line margin of error of 10% or more is acceptable for some business decisions, but others require more accuracy. For general internet audience questions, we recommend 1,500 responses to ensure that top-line results will be within a 3-5% margin of error and that results segmented by one or two dimensions (e.g. age, gender, etc.) will be within a 10% margin of error. The number of responses recommended in order to receive statistically significant responses can be different for targeted surveys to a custom audience.

For surveys with screening questions, please note that there is a minimum purchase of 100 responses.

What currency will I be charged in?

For Google Surveys customers paying via Google Payments, all charges will be processed in USD.

For Google Surveys 360 customers paying via invoicing, all charges will be processed in USD.


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